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After-School Programs

Unleash Your Child’s Potential: Discover The Salvation Army’s After-School Programs

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Children in the United States spend 80% of their waking hours outside of school, and 1 in 5 children are alone after the school day ends. After-school programs have been proven to foster social and academic development as programs provide safe and structured environments for kids during after-school hours, oftentimes filling the space between the end of the school day and when parents return from work.

We know that every parent wants the best for their child’s future. Sometimes, in a world filled with distractions and challenges, finding the right support system can make all the difference. From homework assistance and tutoring to encouraging higher grades and boosting motivation to team-building activities and cooperative learning experiences that help develop essential social skills, our programs are designed to empower kids to unlock their potential and thrive.   


Help build a safe space for a kid to grow, learn, and build lifelong skills.

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The Salvation Army Supplements and Supports Kids’ Educational Opportunities Through:

Homework Assistance and Counseling

The Salvation Army’s after-school programs are designed to inspire and challenge. For instance, the Cedar Rapids Salvation Army recently opened a new computer lab at its C Avenue headquarters. The lab provides academic support, homework help, and enrichment opportunities to kids who otherwise have no access to computers. And The Salvation Army of North Texas strikes the perfect balance of learning and having fun. In addition to providing homework assistance and tutoring, the staff also encourages kids to engage in art, music, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), martial arts, sports, and culinary arts. 

Sports, Clubs, and Extracurricular Activities

Healthy minds and healthy bodies are both crucial elements of youth development. Our no-fee and low-cost after-school programs offer children a chance to play sports and learn athletic skills. Our exciting after-school sports programs inspire a love for health and fitness while teaching teamwork and leadership skills that build healthy, positive relationships with peers. Consider the Seattle White Center after-school program. Best described as an action-packed game where fun meets growth, The White Center organizes youth sports leagues for basketball and futsal, a fast-paced soccer game played on the gym floor with a low-bounce ball and smaller goals. The kids have a blast and learn the essentials of teamwork and other skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. 

Dance, Art, and Music Programs

Our youth community programs provide freedom for children to experience music and art education in supportive no-cost or low-cost environments. We encourage curiosity and exploration through creativity in the arts. The classes and programs vary by location, but we offer everything from choir, band, and dancing to drawing, writing, and acting. For example, in Oregon, when area schools could no longer afford arts programming, The Gresham Corps Youth Center recognized the need and created an after-school music program. From choirs to instrument training, activities, and lessons, students develop an early love for and appreciation of the fine arts that will serve them their whole lives.   

Parental Involvement Coaching

Beyond the activities and academics, our after-school programs foster a sense of community and belonging. Each Salvation Army community center is dedicated to equipping young parents with the skills needed to support and sustain their children’s educational needs. 

One very special example is the “Fatherhood in Action” program at The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division in Chicago. Fatherhood in Action provides job training and placement assistance to young fathers. The program helps participants build a stronger sense of character and social responsibility and learn life and co-parenting skills that help them become better dads. With the success of the program, The Salvation Army extended it to the Cook County Jail, offering to help fathers build better relationships.

 Serving All Without Discrimination

In providing its after-school and summer camp programs and services to families, The Salvation Army is committed to accommodating all those in need without unlawful discrimination or harassment based on age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other characteristic in accordance with our capacity to help.

The Salvation Army Is Here
to Help More Kids Learn More Things

In a neighborhood where children are faced with drugs, gangs, and sex work, one local Salvation Army after-school program in St. Paul, Minnesota, provides a safe haven for kids with opportunities that empower them to envision brighter futures. 

0:02 Eastside After-School Program
0:05 St. Paul, MN
0:09 some of the children here new face quite
0:12 a bit of adversity we have the games
0:15 we've experienced two teens in front of
0:17 our door
0:18 prostitution across the street I mean
0:20 just so many things but still we are
0:23 able to remain positive it's with our
0:26 after-school programs we have an
0:29 opportunity to take kids of the East
0:30 Side community and provide enrichment
0:33 activities as well as academic support
0:35 and mostly we provide strong mentorship
0:40 with this program you have an idea well
0:42 you you know where your child is you
0:45 know what they're doing you know what's
0:46 going on and you know that it's
0:48 productive they have tutoring they have
0:50 help with their homework reading math
0:52 science like my oldest son he was behind
0:55 on math and some reading so he improved
0:58 that there's always a new dance there's
1:01 always a new friend
1:02 there's always a new song they've
1:04 learned there's a different skill they
1:06 mastered that they didn't know before
1:08 and you know it's just exciting to them
1:11 it's something else to do when kids come
1:14 to our building they have the
1:15 opportunity to come right after school
1:18 and we decided a few years ago that we
1:21 didn't want kids walking home at
1:23 nighttime every day we load up all the
1:26 kids that come to our program we drive
1:29 them toward program and in the evening
1:31 we drive each and every one of them home
1:33 the school system being as tight on
1:37 money as they are it cut a lot of the
1:38 music and drama and things of that
1:41 nature out of their programs and so
1:43 we've decided very consciously that
1:46 we're going to try to take up on some of
1:48 that we actually contract with local
1:51 agencies that provide professional
1:53 artists that
1:54 you know they provide professional dance
1:56 professional music professional art
2:00 after the after-school program we have
2:02 our basketball programs Boy Scouts a
2:05 girls program that we have going
2:07 anything that we can to make them an
2:09 all-around better person the police have
2:12 been with us now I believe four or five
2:14 years and they have just been phenomenal
2:17 this program allows children to see us
2:21 as human beings too and so they don't
2:23 always look at more enforcement is the
2:25 big bad guy they're actually able to
2:27 work hand in hand side by side with this
2:30 officer you know and that is just
2:32 awesome
2:33 everyone there is associated with the
2:36 community they live in the areas they
2:39 see the kids outside of school they know
2:41 the families so there they are the
2:45 community if the Salvation Army was not
2:48 here like I said this neighborhood would
2:50 be they would be hurting they really
2:54 would be I always tell the kids my
2:56 payment is later in life when I see them
2:59 going miss college working a job
3:03 starting a family being a positive
3:07 outlet to society being involved in the
3:10 Salvation Army actually gives my little
3:12 girls a chance to see that there's other
3:13 things outside of life other than being
3:16 out on the streets and you know having
3:18 no other choices or goals I want them to
3:20 have a good education and to be what I
3:23 can be
3:25 I'm trying we try to show them that no
3:31 matter what's going on in their lives we
3:34 love them
3:35 we see a need and we try to meet need
3:39 where it is
3:40 I've got 85 kids that'll be in our
3:42 building tonight that I know will not be
3:46 on the streets this afternoon that will
3:48 not be at a house by themselves this
3:51 afternoon that there'll be someone here
3:54 helping them with their homework
3:54 there'll be someone here playing
3:56 basketball with them that dollar that
3:59 you give yesterday helps us today to be
4:03 able to take care of that kid they'll go
4:06 home tonight and know that someone cares
4:08 about them

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400+ After-School Locations

The Salvation Army operates more than 400 after-school programs nationwide. So, no matter where you are, we are committed to supporting your child’s growth and development.

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Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Community

Our after-school programs and enrichment activities create experiences to meet the unique needs of your community. We empower your child to embrace new adventures, lifelong learning, and a future filled with endless possibilities. With your help, every child has a safe place to learn, play, and connect. 

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