Coronavirus COVID-19 and Veterans. Help us serve those who have served us. Image Coronavirus COVID-19 and Veterans. Help us serve those who have served us. Image

Coronavirus COVID-19 and Veterans. Help us serve those who have served us.

Our veterans need comfort, counseling, and shelter now more than ever. You can help

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Veterans make up 8% of the homeless population in the U.S.

Homelessness, PTSD, self-medication, and addiction have caused those who gave everything to lose everything.

Serve a Veteran in Need. You Can Help.

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The Salvation Army Serves Hundreds
of Thousands of Veterans Through:


We offer a home to those who have protected ours. Whenever a veteran doesn't have any place to go, it's an honor to give them a place to rest their head, a hot meal, help finding employment, and a fresh start.

Adult Rehabilitation Centers

Those who fought to protect us often find themselves battling PTSD and drug and alcohol addiction after returning home. At our Adult Rehabilitation Centers, we offer faith-based recovery and work programs in addition to other veteran services to help our country's bravest overcome these struggles and return home to their families.


Veterans often find themselves battling loneliness and depression years after returning home. The Salvation Army is committed to standing beside those who stood up for us by offering a variety of veteran services to meet their needs. Whether it's phone cards to call home, wheelchair assistance, large-print Bibles, or a friendly smile and companionship for the afternoon, we're always ready to come to their aid.

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Our veterans are still fighting battles.

At least 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer from PTSD and/or depression.

A $25 donation helps provide one veteran a week of counseling at The Salvation Army. Donate now.


PTSD can lead to addiction.

More than 20% of veterans with PTSD also suffer from an addiction or dependence on drugs or alcohol.

When you donate your used goods to The Salvation Army, you help fund rehabilitation programs that heal addiction. Donate now.


Coming home to homelessness.

Veterans of our armed forces represent 8% of the U.S. homeless population.

A $200 donation to The Salvation Army provides a veteran with shelter and a bed for one week. Donate now.


We have made it our mission to serve veterans who've served us.

It all began with doughnuts and coffee for soldiers during World War I, and it only grew from there. Today, The Salvation Army offers a range of veteran services, providing comfort, support, counseling, and a home to thousands of veterans in need each year. We express gratitude for our country's bravest men and women by offering a hand and our hearts to those struggling to find their way after coming back home.

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