Amid Inflation and Instability, The Salvation Army's Lifeline of Love Sustains Hope and Necessities for Neighbors in Need

Aug 3, 2023

Each year, The Salvation Army Annual Report documents our accomplishments throughout that year. The 2023 Annual Report highlights the exponential growth The Salvation Army maintained as we continued to serve communities across the nation and “Love Beyond” through our services and programs.  

Thanks to our officers, advisory members, employees, corporate partners and volunteers, The Salvation Army continues to support the needs of local communities through our services year-round. Our services and programs are returning to normal since the COVID-19 pandemic; allowing The Salvation Army the means to generously serve and assist families impacted by significant social hardships.  

With millions of individuals being impacted by inflation across the nation every day, The Salvation Army continues to “Love Beyond” homelessness, missed meals, and late bills. Through programs and services that provide financial assistance for rent mortgage, utilities, gas, and food, families no longer have to choose between vital needs.  We will continue to “Love Beyond” the Strain of Inflation. 

The Salvation Army is grateful to every volunteer and partner who goes above and beyond to care for the people we serve. Engagement, fellowship, networking, fundraising, and volunteering provide the mobilization of our organization and make it possible for our programs and services to support thousands of families in need.  

Echelon is committed to providing opportunities for young adults to engage and serve with The Salvation Army. As their chapters are increasing, The Salvation Army’s mission expands to touch more communities and change the lives of millions more.  

If you are interested in partnering, please contact your local Salvation Army or visit us at

View the 2023 Annual Report here.

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