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Positions listed here are open at The Salvation Army's National Headquarters in Alexandria, VA only.  Please contact your local Salvation Army for job opportunities in your area. Click here for Salvation Army opportunities by territory.

You must be a U.S. citizen or be eligible to work in the U.S. to apply. 


This is an on-site position

Job Summary: Relieves the National Community Relations and Development Secretary of administrative functions; organizes, prioritizes, coordinates and expedites the departmental administrative support work load; provides administrative and liaison work related to the National Advisory Board (NAB); plans, implements, and manages all logistic, technical, and administrative arrangements for NAB conferences.

Coordinates and manages all policies and procedures related to the purchasing of office supplies, furnishings and equipment; manages the bid process for all production projects generated by the department.

Ensures the office runs smoothly; supervises administrative support staff; serves as direct supervisor to the part-time Administrative Support staff position; trains and instructs in methods and procedures; assigns and monitors work, approves timesheets; provides recommendations on applicant employment; conducts annual performance evaluation; ensures the timely compliance with the electronic timesheet system for all departmental employees, approving all departmental electronic timesheets, vacation requests, sick/personal days.

Travels when requested, to assist with technical needs i.e., set-up and operation of required equipment at Salvation Army and outside organizations conferences and meetings.

Coordinates and manages the transportation, housing and facilities arrangements for all commissions, committees, and task forces that fall under the responsibilities for the NCRD Department that may meet periodically at NHQ or other locations. Manages and schedules the NCRD officer personnel’s flights and calendars as may be needed; updating personal and comprehensive calendars.

Plans, schedules, prepares agenda, facilitates, and participates in regular departmental staff meetings to discuss work priorities, deadlines, and progress; resolves operational and personnel problems; provides recommendations for improvements and/or enhancements to office productivity.

Works with outside vendors to secure bids for approval for printing and distribution; monitors production to insure deadlines are met; insures compliance with budgetary limitations.

Education & Experience: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in business, management or information services and three years’ experience serving in an office manager/liaison role with supervisory responsibilities or seven years of experience relieving a Section Head or Department Head of administrative detail and office supervision.

Knowledge of desktop publishing software with proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photo-Shop.

Ability to meet attendance and travel requirements. Demonstrated ability to appropriately post and remove content to be displayed on the various NHQ web sites. Ability to work well under constant pressure.

Free underground parking and lunches offered.

Submit your cover letter and resume by secure fax to (703) 684-3478, e-mail to usn.recruit@usn.salvationarmy.org with the job title in the subject line, or send via US Mail to 615 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: HR Office.

This is an on-site position

Job Summary: Responsible for the consolidation and analysis of national Salvation Army statistics and supports the territories in the collection of these statistics. Serves as the primary resource for statistical data and informative reports for The Salvation Army National Headquarters. Provides reports to administration, territories, international headquarters and other departments as needed. Works to help move The Salvation Army in the collection of outcomes versus outputs. Is the primary contact at NHQ with the Indiana University staff working on the Human Needs Index. Project Manager for the database setup and project planning for a national web-based statistical collection system that all US territories will use. Engages in continued improvement and ease of the system. Trains end-users at NHQ and elsewhere in the system. Create and maintain written and online training manual and modules. Supports NHQ end users regarding statistical software related Service Desk tickets and troubleshooting issues, escalates issues when necessary. Facilitates training regarding logic model development, national statistical definitions and system, creation of program and services outcomes, outcome data acquisition, and implementation of measurement instruments. Manages the list of projected software enhancements, from feasibility to approval to development to implementation. Tests software updates and new programming and works with software engineers to report and correct issues. Utilizes Power BI, SQL queries and Excel Spreadsheets to extract and analyze data. Runs reports and conducts analysis of data as needed, including but not limited to preparation for visits to Capitol Hill and other meetings, requests from leadership or other NHQ departments, needs for grant reports, and for national groups meeting at NHQ. Responsible to provide annual statistical reports to various departments as needed, including International Headquarters, Resource Center, NCRD and Finance. Researches external program services best practices and determines best way to qualitatively/quantitatively measure internal program services; compiles and reviews qualitative/quantitative measurements to evaluate program effectiveness. Provides quarterly updates regarding community statistics, including demographic trends, poverty indices analysis, and the impact other human services organizations describe having on various identified community needs. Works with the Grants Manager and others on the development and collection of outcomes. Serves as a subject matter expert in this area and provides assistance as needed to the territories. Works with internal and outside agencies, such as NCRD and PR/Marketing/Thought Leadership Firm to make sure that communication of services and programs is accurate. Creates collateral (graphs, tables, infographics) that can be used in marketing and informational material that helps to better share the work of The Salvation Army. Presents at national, territorial, and divisional Social Services conferences, as well as at outside conferences as appropriate. Serves as an on-site peer reviewer auditing Salvation Army programs as requested by the Territories. Attends national conferences and conducts and participates in discussions, lectures, seminars, and workshops. Conducts and participates in discussions, lectures, seminars, and workshops as requested.

Education & Experience: Bachelor’s degree in social services, program evaluation, or related field; Master’s degree in business administration, statistics, social services and five years progressive experience collecting, analyzing and preparing reports related to statistics and/or outcome measures. Knowledge of basic statistics. Ability to generate financial and statistical reports from computer data and in compliance with guidelines and established procedures. Excellent project manager skills, guiding a project through from start to finish. Ability to present a positive and professional image of The Salvation Army with demonstrated strong oral and written communication skills. Extensive knowledge of Salvation Army programs. Ability to make sound, logical interpretations of Salvation Army guidelines, regulations, policies, and mission in order to represent the organization. Ability to meet travel requirements, including domestic and international travel.

Licenses: Valid driver’s license.

Benefits after 90 days. Free underground parking and lunches offered.

Submit your cover letter and resume by secure fax to (703) 684-3478, e-mail to usn.recruit@usn.salvationarmy.org with the job title in the subject line, or send via US Mail to 615 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: HR Office.

This is an on-site position

Salary: - $15.00 Hourly up to 25 hours per week

Job Summary: The Multimedia & Digital Communications Intern (MDCI) assists in capturing and developing high standard multimedia content pieces, requiring a high degree of technical expertise and creativity. The position will assist with on-set productions in a variety of capacities, including managing professional video, photo, and audio equipment. The position also cuts and edits collected video footage until it meets the communications director’s approval, including rearranging and splicing scenes that have already been shot, and inserting music, sound, or optical effects. In addition, the MDCI assists in the publishing and distribution of all digital content on national Salvation Army digital media channels to effectively communicate the mission of The Salvation Army internally and externally. Works specifically to strengthen and enhance the image and awareness of The Salvation Army by identifying compelling stories and assists the development of weekly organizational and programmatic updates from The Salvation Army’s National Commander; supports the communications team during emergency response situations involving National Headquarters, Territorial and Divisional headquarters and other emergency responder agencies as may be involved. Aids with cinematography needs on all video productions in the department, both internal and external in nature. Visually interpret the story needs of the producers by imagining, visualizing and creating cinematic looks using our existing inventory of tools. Demonstrate an understanding of the “looks” created in order to keep productions feeling current and fresh. Keep abreast of current trends in production, with an understanding on how to achieve “looks” using lighting, cameras, and lensing. Assists in editing content pieces, including documentary and narrative videos of all types. Make informed creative decisions about cuts in order to preserve messaging of the piece. Take notes and direction from department and section heads. Ability to produce multiple edits from the same raw footage to meet needs of multiple audiences. Post-production work may include updating, uploading, and quality control of finished videos and website. Responsible for keeping track of (video/capture) cards, transferring footage into computer and ensure the footage is secure. Assist in digital transfer for media management, storage and transfer on hard drives to contracted editors. Uses photo and video to effectively communicate the mission of The Salvation Army internally and externally, and to achieve the three digital communications objectives of The Salvation Army National Headquarters: increase fundraising, build and protect The Salvation Army’s brand, and meet human needs. Assists in the planning, development, and implementation of the digital communications strategy and subsequent content that will appear on the national website and social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Monitors and measures The Salvation Army’s social media presence, analyzes content trends and relevant issues, and plans future content accordingly. Assists in maintaining consistent strategy and implementation of peer-to-peer fundraising opportunities on social media and coordinates these efforts with the NCRD digital fundraising team, NCRD communications team, and Agency of Record (AOR). Follows organizational style guide on all digital materials and communications and ensures organization-wide brand alignment by maintaining corporate identity consistency. Other duties as assigned. Works with SA Officers, NCRD Comms team and department staff. Assumes other duties as assigned by the Director of Communications, the NCRD Secretary, or the NCRD Director of Operations. Demonstrates dependability through attendance and punctuality.

Education & Experience: Applicants must be enrolled in their fourth year of a Multimedia, Video Production, or relevant Bachelor’s program, and must be receiving college credit. Awareness of film procedure, terminology and production. On-set production experience preferred. Working knowledge and proficiency in social media content and engagement strategies. Proficient use of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel PowerPoint, OneDrive), Adobe Premiere Pro, Dropbox, and other postproduction or digital design software

Knowledge Skills and Abilities: Proficient in usage of all types of camera equipment, especially Sony mirrorless cameras. Proficient in usage of lighting for video production. Proficient in audio recording equipment. Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro. Proficient with encoding video to different formats. Ability to perform basic color correction. Some working knowledge or desire to learn After Effects techniques for simple Motion Graphics, such as lower thirds and title cards. Ability to edit sound, including audio cleanup and addition of music beds and sound effects. Excellent communication skills; including organizational, proofreading, editing, and problem-solving skills. A working knowledge of online communications, including website and social media publishing.

Licenses: Valid driver’s license.

Free underground parking and lunches offered.

Submit your cover letter and resume by secure fax to (703) 684-3478, e-mail to usn.recruit@usn.salvationarmy.org with the job title in the subject line, or send via US Mail to 615 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: HR Office.

This is an on-site position

Job Summary
This position helps design and execute comprehensive and proactive international business and economic development strategies that are intended to assist in the creation of financial sustainability and independence within existing Salvation Army territories. This position manages all functions of the Salvation Army World Service Office's (SAWSO) International Business and Economic Development Office as delegated by the National Secretary.

Creates, advances and brings oversight to the Business and Economic Development Office. This work includes the structure of the operation; manages seconded support staff; establishes and leads business and economic development strategies and goals across SAWSO in collaboration with the US Territories and other donor offices; supports SAWSO’s operations and programmatic initiatives; and works closely with SAWSO personnel and other Salvation Army international and domestic development offices to achieve the short term and long-range business and economic development goals. Will require 20 - 30% domestic and international travel time (possibly up to 40% in the first year or two).

Helps create and implement comprehensive and cost-effective partner territories business and economic development strategies that include new or newly expanded income-generating initiatives that help move our partner territories toward financial independence. Works closely with SAWSO leadership to assist Implementing Territories in building new business plans, including research (market, risks, competitors), iterative prototyping, stakeholder engagement, program design, and clear goals/metrices.

Participates in securing, supervising, developing, evaluating and directing the work of a high performing business and economic development department. Instructs and trains seconded support staff in SAWSO methods and procedures, monitors and evaluates performance, recommends approval of payment vouchers and reimbursements, and provides both constructive and positive feedback to staff. Builds, motivates, and trains a resourceful team that works in support of the efforts of the leadership team and other Salvation Army development offices to achieve the short term and long-range business and economic development goals.

Education & Experience
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Social Services or a field related to sector specialties (International Development/Relations, Economics, Business, Entrepreneurism, Enterprising) and Master’s degree in International Development/Relations, Economics, Business, Social Sciences or a related discipline and five years of professional work experience including experience in international development arena and five years of program management experience. Three years’ experience of living and working in a developing country and working with international development programs, preferably in management role.

Fluency in MS Office. Demonstrated abilities in leadership, management, and cultivating strong business relationships.

Valid driver’s license and passport required.

Benefits after 90 days. Free underground parking and lunches offered. Submit your cover letter and resume by secure fax to (703) 684-3478, e-mail to usn.recruit@usn.salvationarmy.org with the job title in the subject line, or send via US Mail to 615 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: HR Office.

This is an on-site position

Job Summary
Responsible for facilitating and coordinating processes and procedures for the Publications Section, and responsible for all circulation management for War Cry, Peer, Word & Deed, and other publications and communications produced by the Publications Section. Responsible for identifying markets for the advertising of all publications as well as bringing in advertisements to be placed in our publications. Will attend expos and conferences in order to market publications. This position requires handling of sensitive data for both The Salvation Army offices and personnel as well as the general public. This position requires a high level of tact, knowledge of Salvation Army procedures and strong communication skills.

Responsible for database management pertaining to all circulation matters in both curricula and publications. Serves as the point person for communication with Salvation Army units across the country, Territorial Circulation Managers (TCMs), territorial youth departments, vendors who use the database, individual subscribers and the general public. Responsible for updating the database, handling and processing all mail, coupons, correspondence and business reply mail. Maintains regular communication with TCMs, vendors and Salvation Army units as required. Generates reports for use by National and Territorial Circulation and Finance Departments. Works with department staff to apply database to marketing strategies.

Monitors and updates the circulation database daily. Handles all inquiries related to circulation that come through the designated phone line and email. Follows up with all inquiries within 72 hours and updates the database and/or inform department staff and printing and distribution vendors accordingly. Sends packets of mail received to each Territory weekly. Records information on business reply mail cards and QR codes into a spreadsheet. Generates a statistical report on this information annually. Consults territorial circulation managers on all matters pertaining to circulation, i.e., efficiencies in database management, circulation best-practices, etc. Coordinates and leads annual teleconference meeting with territorial circulation managers. Uploads mailing lists to vendors on schedule for printing and distribution of publications. Works with Quad Graphics to generate circulation reports for national and territorial billing purposes. Responsible for handling money (cash, checks) received in return envelopes – copying checks, forwarding checks or cash and correspondence to the Finance Department. Provides statement of ownership and circulation annually as required by the Post Office. Handles all requests for additional and replacement copies of publications. Conducts various market research programs and processes on publication and deliverables. Analyzes research findings and create report briefs for section leadership.

Serves as gatekeeper for USNCED and Publications Circulation email accounts. Creates a semi-weekly newsletter for NHQ based on stories from the field and within NHQ. Works with ad company to secure ads for War Cry, Peer and other publications. Markets Peer, War Cry and Crest Books to outside markets. Identifies and coordinates exhibitor space for publications at relevant conferences (NYWC, Orange Conference, Catalyst, EPA, etc). Represents Publications at exhibit opportunities. Coordinates with media manager on marketing and ad strategies.

Makes travel arrangements/reservations for the National Youth Secretary.

Education and Experience
Bachelor’s degree in business, communications, journalism, or relevant degree, and four years experience performing administration duties and project management.

May require valid state driver's license.

Knowledge of the English language including proper grammar and punctuation. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. Knowledge of accepted practices and techniques involved with report preparation, record keeping, public relations, interpersonal relations, and business communications both oral and written. Ability to learn and become proficient in specific computer software. Ability to work under pressure of deadlines and determine the most efficient method to meet deadlines with minimal supervision.

Benefits after 90 days. Free underground parking and lunches offered.

Submit your cover letter and resume by secure fax to (703) 684-3478, e-mail to usn.recruit@usn.salvationarmy.org with the job title in the subject line, or send via US Mail to 615 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: HR Office.

This is an on-site position

Salary - $15 Hourly

Job Summary
Gains experience and skills in corporate relations and fundraising. Works with the National Community Relations and Development Department’s (NCRD) Corporate Relations team in conjunction with other company wide departments to help advance The Salvation Army National Headquarter’s (NHQ) corporate development and partnership goals.

Learns about the corporate philanthropy landscape through educational resources and hands on experience acquired through the internship. Collaborates with the Corporate Relations Manager in applying knowledge as best practices to daily work. Oversees the distribution of an internal newsletter which provides updates on corporate partner news, trends in corporate giving, and other relevant information. Will conduct research through social media channels, news sources, and other digital platforms. Works with the Corporate Relations Manager in obtaining requested donor information from local Salvation Army units. Must be able to understand and consolidate large volumes of information in the form of Excel spreadsheets and written communication. Supports the management of a large digital fundraising system, including the maintenance of a database and handling of requests from Salvation Army field staff and donors.

Attends virtual meetings with current and prospective partners along with Salvation Army staff. Takes meeting notes that capture important details and debriefs with the Corporate Relations Manager on how discussions fit into the greater framework of corporate giving. Engages independently with internal and external partners through email, phone, and video call. Must demonstrate professional conduct and effectively communicate on behalf of The Salvation Army. Tracks corporate partner campaigns and activations by recording promotional dates, media engagement, fundraising metrics, and other relevant information. Will work with the Corporate Relations Manager and NHQ’s Communications Department to help promote partnerships and learn about donor fulfillment. Identifies prospective partners and ways to grow existing partnerships. Will learn methods to analyze donor giving history and trends and how it may align with The Salvation Army’s mission and work.

Assists the Director of Corporate Relations and Corporate Relations Manager in writing, developing, and editing stewardship reports and partnership proposals. Processes partnership agreements by obtaining signatures from Salvation Army Executive leadership. Composes, prepares, types, proofreads, and/or edits a wide variety of written communications including that of a confidential nature; ensures the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the same, including meeting tight deadlines. Routes corporate inquiry requests made through NHQ’s website to Salvation Army field staff for potential business development opportunities.

Education and Experience
Junior/Senior undergraduate student pursuing a degree in business, communications, NPO management, or a related field. Previous experience working in a professional office setting preferred.

Strong writing skills, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, proofreading and editing skills. Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills.

Knowledge and proficiency in Microsoft Office365 (primarily Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop preferred but not required.

Ability to effectively and efficiently work on multiple deadline projects at the same time without becoming frustrated or disorganized. Ability to gather, compile, and assemble information into a final product for letters, records, and reports. Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work in compliance with quality standards and deadlines. Ability to find the most effective method to accomplish goals and to work under minimal supervision. Ability to make effective and professional relationships with officers and employees at National Headquarters and throughout the territories.

Qualified individuals must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without accommodation. A qualified person with a disability may request a modification or adjustment to the job or work environment in order to meet the physical requirements of the position. The Salvation Army will attempt to satisfy requests as long as the accommodation needed is reasonable and no undue hardship would result.

Ability to commute to the National Headquarters office located in Alexandria, VA when needed. Must be able to work a minimum of 20 hours per week during standard office hours. Days and exact times are flexible.

Free underground parking and lunches offered.

Submit your cover letter and resume by secure fax to (703) 684-3478, e-mail to usn.recruit@usn.salvationarmy.org with the job title in the subject line, or send via US Mail to 615 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: HR Office.

This position can be filled by a remote candidate

Job Summary: This position produces features, stories and columns for the War Cry and other section publications as assigned. Produces clear text for different communications channels. Makes sure that content produced by a company is free of errors and is of high quality, adhering to the style guidelines of the organization. Writes, conceives of, and pitches articles and related content, and handles features and columns as assigned. Creates, reviews, edits, and conceives of content published by the Publications Department, ensuring high quality of content and adherence to Publications style guides. Reviews articles, etc., submitted to Publications for possible publication, and recommends content to be accepted. Works closely with department/section leaders and circulation and marketing support services to evaluate audiences intended to be reached through various communication channels and how best to address these audiences.

Conducts interviews online, by phone and in person to research information, details of personalities and programs to be covered. Engages in travel in the United States as needed to cover stories, features, profiles. Covers photo shoots, press conference, and major Salvation Army events. Arranges phone interviews with sources. Takes photographs/videos to gather supporting images/graphics for features and articles.

Creates content for social media in conjunction with Media Manager. Assists in carving out a “voice” for the brand on social media. Recommends general strategies for taking the departments marketing strategy in the right direction. As a copywriter, collaborate with people from other departments, such as customer service, marketing, and PR, all in a bid to properly coordinate the organizations marketing campaigns or shape the public perception of the brand.

Edits articles, books, content as it is received for use by publications. Works with the editorial team to ensure content is ready for production according to schedule.

Education & Experience: B.A. in Journalism or closely related field of study or at least two years experience performing journalism, publishing and editing/proofing work.

Ability to write well and communicate with many different types of people. Possess a strong grasp of the AP (Associated Press) style. Good communication and grammar skills. Possess a working knowledge of Salvation Army practices and mission and/or ability to quickly assimilate such knowledge. Ability to proofread, edit text in a variety of formats, including correspondence, press releases, news items, social media and website posts.

Knowledge of general office practices and procedures. Working knowledge of required computer software to include Microsoft Word, Excel, Filmmaker software, internet, and e-mail; ability to learn new software when needed. Ability to type and input information into a computer. Ability to maintain computer databases. Ability to perform routine mathematical computations.

Knowledge of effective and efficient recordkeeping practices and procedures. Knowledge of basic mathematics. Knowledge of basic research skills. Good organizational and follow through skills.

Ability to meet attendance requirements. Ability to read, write, and communicate the English language. Ability to meet deadlines consistently.

Limited amount of physical effort required associated with walking, standing, lifting and carrying/carting objects (less than 50 lbs.) 5-10% of work time.

Benefits after 90 days. Free underground parking and lunches offered.

Submit your cover letter and resume by secure fax to (703) 684-3478, e-mail to usn.recruit@usn.salvationarmy.org with the job title in the subject line, or send via US Mail to 615 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: HR Office.

This is an onsite position

Hiring Salary - $24.99 - $31.22 Hourly

Job Summary: Provides administrative support for the Publications Department requiring technical, organizational and communication skills so that workflow in the section can reach optimum levels by supporting the Director of Publications and Publications staff.

Maintains department resources to support staff members for administrative, editorial, production, circulation, fulfillment and marketing functions. Serves as the executive assistant to the Director of Publications. Composes and prepares correspondence, proposals, agreements, agendas, schedules, reports and minutes; ensures accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the same. Maintains publications filing for all in house publications, fulfills requests for past editions of Peer and War Cry publications.

Act as primary custodian of section email inboxes includes drafting messages and replying. Maintains and updates database for manuscripts/contributors using software database and communicates with contributors.

Fields graphic and multi-media requests, coordinating requested projects with section co-workers and serving on ad hoc groups.

Prepares, maintains, and submits various sectional invoices and check requests. Works with Production Coordinator to maintain internal calendar for Publications staff, updating information on events, staff schedules, important dates, and key reoccurring projects. Coordinates Literary and other conferences for the section, to include financial tracking, registration, travel, and accommodation arrangements, coordinates collateral materials, arranges for facilities, and handles communications with same, serves as the primary contact for delegates, special guests, creates summary reports on financial tracking, critiques, works with Finance to validate all costs and billing.

Makes work–related travel arrangements for Director of Publications and section staff as directed; maintains travel/itinerary for the Director of Publications. Coordinates and schedules internal and external meetings, including face-to-face and teleconferences.

Facilitates and records minutes for Publications leadership meetings.

Receives, sends, distributes mail for the section daily. Sends out packages, etc. as needed. Sends color proofs and related material to printer via overnight delivery to meet deadlines.

Serves as backup to the Receptionist/Switchboard as necessary; monitors the security of the building through the front desk monitor to allow access from the garage levels; allows access to the building through the front door to ensure that all visitors are properly signed in.

Education & Experience: Minimum of Associates of Arts degree or equivalent training and four years’ experience performing a wide variety of progressively responsible administrative and technical support work, including support functions for multi-person office/department.

Ability to learn and use Adobe Creative Suite. Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, database software, internet, and e-mail. Knowledge of basic mathematics.

Benefits after 90 days. Free underground parking and lunches offered.

Submit your cover letter and resume by secure fax to (703) 684-3478, e-mail to usn.recruit@usn.salvationarmy.org with the job title in the subject line, or send via US Mail to 615 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: HR Office.

This is an on-site position

Job Summary: Provides technical support; to include but not limited to installing and repairing hardware and software on personal computers, provides technical assistance to system users, handles help-desk inquiries from NHQ users, diagnoses personal computers hardware, software, and operator problems, recommends/performs remedial actions to correct problems, maintains regular maintenance schedule, performs maintenance and repairs of peripheral equipment, maintains computer inventory database, monitors and arranges servicing with vendors for photocopiers, fax machines, and other office equipment, and performs project assignments.

Installs, configures, maintains, monitors, and troubleshoots end user workstation hardware, software, networked peripheral devices, cabling, and networking hardware and software products. Provides technical assistance and training to system users. Answers user inquiries and requests for assistance by phone and in person regarding systems operations. Monitors the technical support for photocopiers, fax machines and other office equipment arranging for service with vendors as needed. Sets up and supports mobile and portable devices. Supports and maintains audio visual and video conferencing equipment.

Education & Experience: High school diploma or G.E.D. equivalency, college degree preferred; and one – two years’ experience performing routine computer repairs and installations on Windows PC and Apple MAC computers, with experience in maintaining and troubleshooting hand held devices and copier/fax machines or any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Good working knowledge of the capabilities of personal computers and peripheral devices. Good working knowledge of the operation of personal computer system. Ability to become familiar with the basics of all standard PC and MAC software. Ability to visualize how a computer based product may best be used to address specific functional needs. Ability to analyze and resolve problems with hardware and software. Ability to identify and obtain resolutions to problems relating to a product and its application to a specific need. Ability to determine compatibility between various software programs and hardware. Ability to maintain cell phone equipment.

A+ certification or Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification preferred but not required.

Benefits after 90 days. Free underground parking and lunches offered.

Submit your cover letter and resume by secure fax to (703) 684-3478, e-mail to usn.recruit@usn.salvationarmy.org with the job title in the subject line, or send via US Mail to 615 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: HR Office.


For more information please contact:

The Salvation Army National Headquarters
Human Resources
615 Slaters Lane
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 684-5500

You may also e-mail resumés to: USN.RECRUIT@usn.salvationarmy.org

Equal Opportunity Employment

The Salvation Army is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to providing a respectful environment for all applicants and employees that is free from unlawful discrimination or harassment based on age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other characteristic protected by law. Such equal opportunity for employment will apply to recruitment and hiring, training, promotion, salaries and other compensation, transfers and layoffs or termination.

Additionally, read our International Positional Statement on Disabilities.

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