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Emergency Shelters

Providing a safe haven for our unhoused neighbors. Roughly 550,000 people may need shelter on any given night. You, or someone you know, may have found yourself in this situation.


The Salvation Army knows that sometimes life throws you a curveball. Natural disasters, job loss, medical issues, or other crises can really put you into a financial tailspin. Before you know it, you’re behind on your mortgage, rent, or utility bills, or you’re struggling to buy food or medication for yourself or your family. 

The Salvation Army is here to help. Prevention is our first approach. We help people at risk of becoming homeless, including people with disabilities, secure the support necessary to move past the initial crisis and remain in your homes. If staying in your home is not a possibility, we work with you to find fast access to shelter and connect  you with programs and services that lead to greater financial stability. 

Find an Emergency Shelter Near Me

If you have nowhere to call home or are in need of emergency accommodations, find a Salvation Army emergency shelter near you.


Salvation Army Emergency Shelter Support Services   

All of our emergency shelters offer a clean and safe place to stay for people experiencing homelessness, regardless of whether the need is temporary or ongoing. Depending on your location, some or all of these services may also be provided: 

  • Case Management 
  • Children's Development Programs 
  • Community & Agency Networking/Referrals 
  • Corrections Programs 
  • Medical Services 
  • Housing Assistance 
  • Income Assessment & Planning 
  • Mental Health Services 
  • Pastoral Care 
  • Protective Payee Programs 
  • Respite Care Programs 
  • Social Security Benefit Advocacy Services 
  • Social Services 
  • Support Groups 
  • Transportation Assistance 

What Are the Requirements to Stay in an Emergency Shelter?

Every emergency shelter has different rules or eligibility requirements in order to be approved for a stay. 

Please contact personnel from your nearest emergency shelter to find out the specific requirements and what documents (if any) you may need in order to apply. Your local emergency shelter will have more information. 

Depending on your local emergency shelter, various programs are offered to you during your stay: 

  • Remain drug-free and sober during your stay. 
  • Sessions with employment specialists.  
  • Life skills sessions.  
  • Counseling sessions  for substance use disorder or behavioral health therapy. 

All of our emergency housing shelters prohibit alcohol, drugs, pornography, or weapons of any kind. 

Some shelters have demographic considerations so that we might best serve individuals in need, including: 

  • Age: In order to provide services better suited to the needs and safety of individuals in our shelters, some facilities have age restrictions (e.g., minors, youth, seniors, etc.). 
  • Family circumstances: Some shelters are intended for pregnant women or parents with children. 

An Emergency Family Shelter in Action  

Our emergency shelters offer hope to families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness during times of extreme hardship. Learn how the Booth Family Emergency Shelter in Akron, Ohio, works to get families the support they need to get back on track. 

0:08 We you know just a typical family trying
0:18 to make things work and we got robbed at
0:21 gunpoint. Ended up losing my house pretty
0:25 much everything that I own. I got this
0:27 shutoff notice and I didn't know what I
0:29 was gonna do I was like “Oh Lord what am
0:31 I gonna do?”
0:32 I can't even feed my family or pay the
0:34 rent because I lost my job. I have two
0:37 kids and have a wife and I can't even
0:38 give him a dollar. The lowest point when
0:41 I didn't know where I was going to take
0:45 my kids. You know I thought, “well, I'm
0:51 ended up having to get some cardboard
0:57 boxes and cut it up you know as long as
0:59 I got our blankets. We could
1:01 probably go you know and sleep. You know
1:04 how a lot of people you know they talk
1:08 about things that they have, but there’s a
1:11 lot of people out here that don't have
1:13 and they're struggling. You'll go to a
1:16 shelter because you have nowhere to go.
1:24 Booth Manor Emergency Family Shelter - and
1:27 what it is seven apartment units and it
1:30 is for families who are currently
1:32 homeless are about to become homeless.
1:34 It's a place where we get to bring
1:36 families who are going through some
1:38 tough times, give them a little bit of
1:41 stability, a little bit of security, roof
1:43 over their head, maybe some food in their
1:44 belly, give them a little bit of time to
1:46 take a breath and put life back together.
1:49 The look of hope that comes across their
1:51 eyes; that that in itself is just off the
1:54 charts for me. And you know it's it's
1:56 giving them that little glimmer of hope
1:57 that everything's gonna be okay. While
1:59 they're in the shelter we provide
2:00 everything for them, so they don't have
2:02 to pay any utilities, they don't have to
2:04 pay for any of the food, we'll provide
2:05 that for them. From sundry items to
2:07 cleaning materials, they need nothing. We
2:10 will help their children by after-school
2:12 programs. We will do tutoring. We have
2:15 daycare for the children. Everything is
2:17 provided for them so they can - whatever
2:21 kind of income they have - they can use
2:24 towards moving on. They don't just push
2:26 you out in the street. [They] let you stay for a
2:27 little bit. They make sure you have
2:29 somewhere to go. We offer uh landlord
2:32 lists, rental assistance. We offer utility
2:36 assistance. We at booth are attempting to
2:40 reach the whole family - mom, dad, and kids.
2:43 There's not very many programs out there
2:46 to assist you know a single father and kids.
2:50 We keep families together. We don't, we 2:53 don't split them up. They don't put you
2:55 in like a shelter that you're with a
2:57 whole bunch of people you have like your
2:59 own individual place that gets their own
3:02 apartment. We have seven units we just
3:04 increased that but we have a waiting
3:06 list of over 20 families every month. I
3:09 think in the world that we live in today
3:11 too many of our donors feel that their
3:14 donations are just going into a black
3:16 hole and they're not really making a
3:18 difference, you know. Are they really
3:20 changing the world?
3:22 And I would say you are changing the
3:24 world. We were just all really happy you
3:28 know because we all I had a bed to sleep
3:32 in and we have blankets. They saved
3:37 my marriage and my family to be honest with
3:39 you. I have a smile. I didn't have that
3:42 smile four weeks ago. I'm telling you if
3:44 you walk around the neighborhood today,
3:45 we're starting to see some real changes,
3:47 not only in individuals’ lives but in the
3:51 shared hope that we have as a
3:53 neighborhood. There’s there’s still
3:56 genuine good people in the world. They
3:59 accept everyone. They work with you.
4:02 I just, I just love it. You're a blessing.
4:07 You're a blessing.
4:14 Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you
4:19 very much and please don't stop helping
4:21 people. Please don't stop

How You Can Help   

Salvation Army emergency shelters are sometimes the last hope for people who experience a housing crisis. Here’s how you can help: 

Donate Money 

Someone in your community needs help to avoid homelessness. A monthly donation to The Salvation Army can help your neighbors most in need, all year long. 

Donate Now


Donate Food and Goods

Many local emergency shelters around the country are in need of basic supplies, like food and clothing. Contact your local Salvation Army emergency shelter to find out how you can help. 

Donate Your Time 

Our emergency shelters around the country are always looking for the smiling faces of volunteers to brighten up our residents’ lives. Visit or contact your nearest Salvation Army emergency shelter to see how you can be of service. 

Serving All Without Discrimination

In providing programs and services to members of the community who are unhoused, The Salvation Army is committed to accommodating all those in need without unlawful discrimination or harassment based on age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other characteristic in accordance with our capacity to help.