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Jobs and Unemployment Services

Programs to help people get, and keep, consistent employment

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our nation’s economy, and millions of people have experienced job losses in the past few months. Many of our newly jobless brothers and sisters were working paycheck to paycheck and only a month away from losing their homes, utilities, ability to feed their families, or all three. They are in danger of being homeless and jobless.

Our “hand-up” employment services programs provide skills and strengths assessments, job-search counseling and support, and several programs that teach new job skills. These programs are increasingly important, as many government assistance programs – like SNAP and Medicaid – are adding work requirements to their eligibility criteria.


Pave a Path from Poverty to Employment. You Can Help

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The Salvation Army Helps Individuals
Secure Gainful Employment Through:

Skill-Set Evaluations

We identify the strengths and abilities of the individual for the best job match. Often our assessments turn up skill sets that our client either didn’t know about or didn’t think were valuable.

Educational and Job-Training Opportunities

Let’s face it: Today’s job market is historically competitive no matter what the profession. By helping people pursue and complete school requirements, job-training services, certifications, and other requirements for employment, we tear down the qualification barriers standing in their way. For those with mental health or substance-abuse issues, we help them find the treatment and/or medication they need to perform at their best.

 Job Placement Assistance

Most career counselors will tell you personal and professional connections are keys to a successful job search. We not only help those in need and people who are homeless and unemployed with the basics of finding a job – like crafting a résumé and making a good impression in interviews – we provide job placement and employment assistance. Essentially, we are the professional connections that help job seekers find work opportunities for living wages.

Continued Support

Our help goes beyond employment. Salvation Army caseworkers assist with obtaining sound financial planning and reliable insurance coverage, as well as helping to ensure affordable and safe care for children while parents are working.

 Serving All Without Discrimination

In providing its job training programs and services, The Salvation Army is committed to accommodating all those in need without unlawful discrimination or harassment based on age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other characteristic in accordance with our capacity to help.


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Poverty is hereditary.

Sadly, children raised in poverty are 32% more likely to remain there than their more fortunate peers.

A $50 monthly donation helps an unemployed single mother with kids receive a Salvation Army caseworker. Donate now.


Unemployment is costly to society.

14.8% of Americans – and 21% of the nation’s children – currently live in poverty.

Childhood poverty alone costs the United States $500 billion a year. (That’s 4% of our nation’s Gross Domestic Product.)

A monthly $25 gift to The Salvation Army keeps one family off the streets, reducing the chances of them using government assistance. Donate now.


Mental illness doesn’t discriminate

Mental health and substance-use disorders affect 37% of homeless men and 32% of homeless women.

Many service providers do not have the experience or training to deal with the difficult impact of these problems, nor do they know how best to employ those who suffer from mental illness or prior trauma.Donate now.


The Salvation Army helps the unemployed get back on track.

For those stuck in long-term unemployment, The Salvation Army is a refuge of resources and support. We combat the symptoms of prolonged joblessness, as well as its root causes, through programs that address the mind, body, and soul. It’s a holistic approach that is creating sustainable change for millions of families and individuals every year.

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