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Resilient Teen Faces Financial Hardship, The Salvation Army Steps in to Provide a Lifeline
August 2, 2023
The Salvation Army offers vital support to a determined 19-year-old, ensuring her family's well-being and setting them on a path to success
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From My Eyes: The Salvation Army Camp Experience
July 21, 2023
The history of Salvation Army summer camps is a testament to the organization's unwavering dedication to uplifting and transforming lives
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The Salvation Army Activates Disaster Relief as Historic Flooding Impacts Northeast
July 20, 2023
The Salvation Army swiftly activated its Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) response to provide critical assistance to the affected communities.
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The Spike in Homelessness in US Cities Isn’t Slowing Down
July 13, 2023
The number of people in families experiencing homelessness jumped nearly 38% this year in 20 major US cities
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