Loss of a Job, but Not Hope

Oct 25, 2021

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Desiree had a good job and was raising her family. But life spiraled into uncertainty after a job loss. That’s when she found The Salvation Army and a Pathway to Hope.

Desiree had a good job as a retail manager. She had a home and was caring for her children. But it all came crashing down when she lost her job, and her savings dried up. After a while, she was unable to pay rent, and the family was evicted. After a brief stay with family and no employment opportunities in sight, she returned to the Buffalo area in need of some help.

The Salvation Army placed Desiree and her children in a motel for safety and referred her to the Pathway of Hope program, which works with families to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency such as homelessness, unemployment or underemployment, lack of transportation, and more.

Desiree’s main goal was to find employment so she could support herself and her family again. Cheryl worked with Desiree to identify opportunities and supervised her youngest while Desiree was in interviews. The Army paid Desiree’s phone bill, so she was able to take phone calls from employers and complete the onboarding process and customer service training.

Once employment was obtained, Cheryl and Desiree started looking for stable housing for the family. And in early January, the family moved into their apartment. The Salvation Army provided a Crock-Pot for cooking and several beds for the children. Since then, Desiree has ended her reliance on public assistance and has purchased several additional pieces of furniture for the home.

“Pathway of Hope has been very beneficial in my time of need. When I felt there wasn't hope, I always had a helping hand to remind me that there was hope,” Desiree said. “Without this program, I would have never been able to obtain my job, housing, and ultimately no longer need to receive public assistance.”

Desiree is extremely grateful for the help she received at The Salvation Army’s family shelter and Pathway of Hope program and is already giving back, sharing her experience and life lessons with other families going through the Pathway of Hope program.

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