Beatriz's Story

Oct 14, 2021


Beatriz is a great example of a hardworking Hispanic mom. Even when she has her hands full raising their beautiful children, 9-year-old Jaqueline, 14-year-old Justin, 16-year-old Bethany, and 12-month-old Ivan Jr., she always finds a way to keep her family going.

She gets up at the crack of dawn to see her husband Ivan before he leaves for work every morning. Then she helps her three older kids to get ready for school. Hearing Ivan Jr. laugh is one of her favorite pleasures.

But there were times when not everything was so rosy. The pandemic hit the country at the worst possible time for her — just after giving birth to Ivan Jr. Then, her husband was hospitalized for four months due to health issues. With Ivan Sr. laid up, they had a hard time keeping food on the table and paying their rent. Thankfully, The Salvation Army was there to provide her with diapers, baby wipes, and baby clothes. The food pantry was there for groceries, and perhaps, most important during these trying times was the rent assistance they provided.

With The Salvation Army’s help, Jaqueline learned how to use the computer to keep up with

schoolwork. And thanks to the Angel Tree program, the family celebrated Navidad with presents under the tree. As Beatriz said, “The Angel Tree has been a real blessing for our children. They loved everything they received.”

“The Salvation Army helped us keep it going. We’re blessed to be here.”

Now, Beatriz is a huge part of The Salvation Army in her community. She helps in the kitchen (she’s an amazing cook), participates in all the handmade craft activities, and even paints a beautiful Nativity scene that is featured outside every Christmas. Meanwhile, her children are all active participants in many camps and programs for kids.

Beatriz can’t thank The Salvation Army enough, saying, “The Salvation Army helped us keep it going. We’re blessed to be here.” And as Captain Milly López said, “They’re part of our familia.”

“The Salvation Army helped us keep it going. We’re blessed to be here.”

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