The National Commander's Red Kettle Challenge Image

The National Commander's Red Kettle Challenge

December 3, 2021

The Salvation Army National Commander, Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, challenged Salvation Army officers, employees, community supporters and the like to raise more funds than him in a four-hour shift, December 3rd with the goal to raise $1 million nationally! This challenge provided a fun and engaging opportunity to raise awareness and funds for your local Salvation Army.

The 2021 National Commander's Red Kettle Challenge raised:


Top Ten Bell Ringers

  Bell Ringer Location Total Raised
1  Jay Servais and Majors Ethan & Sue Frizzell Nashville, TN $276,252
2 Captain Claudia Meads Rocky Mount, North Carolina $129,534
3 Captain Adolph Aguirre McAllen, Texas $107,031
4 Captain Johnny Horton and the Advisory Board Bowling Green, Kentucky $100,758
5 Captain Ken Chapman Orlando, Florida $73,618
6 Major Stephen Long Fort Lauderdale, Florida $63,739
7 Major Doug Burr Rochester, New York $54,828
8 Captain Wendy Parsons Cambridge, Maryland $31,560
9 Captain Stacey Connelly Shawnee, Oklahoma $24,83
10 Captain Dustin Row Phoenix, Arizona $18,020

See who participated

Check out the map to view the 123 locations that participated in this year's challenge:

How can I participate?

Locate the nearest participating location in the map above to stop by and drop some money in kettle.

Spread the word on social media and encourage others to give.

How does my donation help?

Your donation will be used to support hard-working families stay in their homes, provide food, shelter, and utilities to those in need in your community.