In the trenches of COVID-19,Love’s Army is battling hunger.

In the trenches of COVID-19,Love’s Army is rallying hope.

The need continues to be greater than ever. But Love’s Army continues to rise to the challenge.

Love’s Army is fighting for the hungry.

With countless jobs lost and incomes reduced, food insecurity has become an even bigger problem. But thanks to donors, volunteers, and corporate partners, The Salvation Army has created new ways to help. Since the onset of the pandemic one year ago, we have

  • Served nearly 225 million meals*
  • Held contact-free, drive-through events to distribute food boxes to families
  • Delivered food boxes to senior citizens and other vulnerable populations
  • Created new services to feed kids who normally relied on school lunches

*In 2020

Love’s Army is protecting the homeless.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 550,000 Americans were experiencing homelessness. And because the homeless population lacks access to care, hygiene, and medical resources, they are especially vulnerable to the virus. So, amid the heightened risks and shortfall of regular support, The Salvation Army continues to protect them via:

  • Provision of over 1.7 million nights of COVID-19 shelter at 990 shelters, housing facilities, and senior living centers
  • Distribution of hygiene kits, cleanup kits, and meals to the most vulnerable
  • Implementation of continued distancing and safety measures in all of our shelters

Love’s Army is shining hope in the darkness.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought isolation, uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness into just about every community across the country. The Salvation Army has uniquely responded by offering hope and help through emotional and spiritual care with a presence in nearly every ZIP code of the United States. We even launched a national Hope Hotline for people to call, no matter where they were, to be heard and to be helped. Since March 2020, The Salvation Army has:

  • Provided emotional and spiritual care to more than 900,000 individuals
  • Offered counseling, prayer, and financial assistance to the thousands of people who called our Hope Hotline

Love’s Army Rescued Christmas.

In 2020, the need was greater. More parents were facing impossible choices like paying bills or buying Christmas gifts for their children. The Salvation Army rallied to Rescue Christmas for the millions of people experiencing housing, utility, and food insecurity. With the support of our partners and donors, we:

  • Raised more than $557.3 million to fund food, shelter, and utility assistance programs
  • Increased online donations by 100% and mail-in donations by 49%
  • Provided holiday assistance to 2,605,315 people in need