In the trenches of COVID-19,Love’s Army battled hunger.

In the trenches of COVID-19,Love’s Army shielded the vulnerable.

In the trenches of COVID-19,Love’s Army rallied hope.

The need this year has been greater than ever. But Love’s Army answered the call.

Love’s Army fought for the hungry.

With countless jobs lost and incomes reduced, food insecurity has become an even bigger problem. But thanks to donors, volunteers, and corporate partners, The Salvation Army created new ways to help:

  • Served more than 155 million meals between March and September 2020
  • Set up contact-free drive-through events to distribute food boxes to families
  • Created new services to feed kids who normally rely on school lunches

Love’s Army protected the homeless.

Before the outbreak, more than 550,000 Americans were experiencing homelessness. Lacking access to care, hygiene, and medical resources, they were even more susceptible to the virus. But The Salvation Army provided its greatest outpouring of service to protect them.

  • Provided over 1.6 million nights of COVID-19 shelter at 990 shelters, housing facilities, and senior living centers
  • Distributed hygiene kits, cleanup kits, and meals to the most vulnerable
  • Implemented new distancing and safety measures in all of our shelters

Love’s Army bolstered hearts and minds.

Isolation. Uncertainty. Fear. Hopelessness. The emotional and spiritual toll wrought by COVID-19 has been incalculable. But through it all, The Salvation Army has continued to champion faith and hope.

  • Delivered emotional and spiritual care to more than 857,109 souls
  • Offered counseling, prayer, and assistance to thousands of people who have called our Hope Hotline since the outbreak began