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Social good ambassador Chris Strub hits the road to experience and tell the story of poverty in the United States

Chris Strub

Author and social good ambassador Chris Strub, who was the first person to livestream from all 50 states, is on the road again!

This time, he’s traveling to 25 states throughout the holiday season to experience firsthand the many faces and challenges of poverty in the United States.

Chris will embed in services and events by The Salvation Army to experience the needs of families facing poverty, and the importance of supporting programs that provide a hand up to them during the holidays and year-round.

Along his 25-state tour, Chris has pledged to raise $25,000 for those in need and will share updates from the road via his social media platforms (@ChrisStrub) and on his YouTube page.

Help Chris raise $25,000 by giving online at: www.chrisstrub.redkettlereason.org.





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The #FightForGoodTour Schedule:

Click on the underlined locations to see Chris's video from that stop!

11/6 - Houston, TX

11/8 - Oklahoma City, OK

11/9 - Independence, MO

11/10 - Des Moines, IA

11/13 - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

11/14 - Milwaukee, WI

11/15 - Chicago, IL

11/17 - Detroit, MI

11/20 - Indianapolis, IN

11/22 - Cincinnati, OH

11/23 - Louisville, KY

11/24 - Memphis, TN

11/25 - Little Rock, AR

11/27 - Jackson, MS

11/28 - New Orleans, LA

11/30 - Birmingham, AL

12/1 - Atlanta, GA

12/4 - Jacksonville, FL

12/5 - Greenville, SC (Part 1)

12/5 - Greenville, SC (Part 2)

12/6 - Charlotte, NC

12/7 - Washington, DC

12/7 - Washington, DC (Bonus: Snapchat Story)

12/8 - Baltimore, MD

12/9 - Wilmington, DE

12/12 - Philadelphia, PA